Andreas Christensen has opened up on what John Terry told him during his dip in form.

The former Chelsea defender John Terry gave Christensen some words of encouragement to help him fight through a difficult period.

Christensen has received lots of praise this season being a regular starter in the Chelsea’s first 11.

However his misplaced pass led to the Lionel Messi equaliser in the champions league match at Stamford Bridge last month. He also made lots of errors in the match against Manchester united and Manchester city, where they lost both games.

Christensen said he asked John Terry for advice, and the Chelsea legend was glad to help.

“I try to keep things inside the club, not bringing anything home with me”, Christensen revealed to Eurosport while he was in Denmark.

“My teammates know I’m a quality player from my other performances, so they know these are just one time mistakes. I have had a small talk with John Terry: he has also experienced difficulties, and it is great to talk to someone who is watching from the outside, and also know that they have experienced this same situation.”

“He told me it’s natural to make mistakes, and he tried to put it in perspective for me, saying that, if a striker misses a chance, he can correct that mistake by scoring when he gets the next chance. But we can change a goal scored against us, so when we make mistakes, it is more important, and people can easily point fingers. I have realised it, looked at it, and now I’ve decided to move on.”


Christensen spent two seasons on loan at Borussia Monchengladbach before this returning to Chelsea, says he just want to play more games, so he can build his reputation again.

“It has been difficult. You are not doubting yourself, but you might get a bit more cautious in what you do, and that can make things even worse. So it is difficult to move on.”

“I’ve been annoyed at myself, and that is difficult to get rid of – especially when there is a week between the matches, because then you have a whole week to think about it. You just want to move on to the next match so that you can play a match without mistakes.”

“I can’t avoid making mistakes but in some games the mistakes have been decisive, so now I am just waiting for the next games to come, so I can prove that the mistakes aren’t typical for me.”


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