Carlos tevez was the highest paid player in the world during his time in China, before returning to his boyhood club Boca Juniors, he earns a staggering £650,000 a week at Shanghai Shenhua, Carlos Tevez labeled his time in China a ‘holiday’.

The Boca Juniors former striker was heavily criticised for being overweight and disinterested during his time with Shanghai Shenhua.

After signing for Boca Juniors, Carlos Tevez  admitted that he didn’t take his time in the Chinese Super League seriously

He told Argentine TV: ‘It’s fine because I was on holiday for seven months.’

   He even admitted: ‘When I landed in China, I wanted to return to Boca.

‘It’s fine for the Shanghai coach and president to criticise me, I didn’t know what I was doing there.’

Shanghai Shenhua only got four goals in 20 appearances from their star man and Tevez reacted by claiming the players in the league were technically poor and the country might take 50 years to catch up.

The 33-year-old’s time in China was described by fellow Argentina legend Diego Maradona as Tevez filling ‘his Santa sack with dollars before returning to Boca’.

And after being on an annual salary of £34million, the striker decided to return to his boyhood club Boca Juniors for the third stint where he made over 150 appearances.



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