Arsenal: the Gooners have never been relegated in the EPL and have only been relegated once in their entire history history. They have only been relegated once in the top flight and that was in 1913.

Manchester United: the Red Devils are another team that has never faced the humiliation of relegation in the EPL. They also hold the record of most league trophies; 20. Of which 13 were in the era of the Premier league under Sir. Alex Ferguson.

Liverpool: the Kops are one of the most illustrious clubs in England, being only shadowed by Manchester United. They also have not been relegated in the Epl.

Everton: the Toffees are another club that have never been relegated too.

Tottenham: although their renaissance started of late, the lilywhites are the last team in the proud group of clubs that haven’t faced relegation since the inception of the Premier league.

Aston Villa used to be in this group until 2016 when they were relegated for the first time since 1987.


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