Lionel Messi has been a revelation to Barcelona and football world ever since he made his debut 14 years ago under Frank Rijkaard.
Messi is known for his creativity, goal scoring, and incredible dribbling ability. He scored a mouthwatering 73 goals in all competition for Barcelona in Pep Guardiola’s final season (2011/2012)
Following up that season was the one he played under Tito Vilanova when he returned 60 goals for Barcelona in that 2012/13 season.
Following the arrival of Tata Martino Lionel Messi’s form started dropping many were wondering where Messi’s form had gone to, and there were speculations that he was keeping himself for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.His performances with Barcelona that season was far from Lionel Messi’s standard and he finished the season with 41 goals. Messi knew something had to be done if he wants to remain the best.
And that was how he got to know Giuliano Poser, the Italian doctor, and nutritionist.
Dr. Poser advised Messi to change his diet and he also made him a strict personal nutritional plan which consisted of “water, olive oil, whole grains and fruits and vegetables (not contaminated with pesticides).
Messi was also warned against the dangers of using too much sugar and Dr. Poser describes sugar as “the worst thing for the muscles.”

As for the consumption of meat, a limit was also put for Messi. “It should be consumed in the right quantity, that is much less than what the Messi usually eats because it is a difficult food for the body to digest.
The risk of Messi’s muscle injuries was suddenly reduced and Lionel Messi went on to become Barcelona all-time scorer and some call him greatest of all time.


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