It all started after Tottenham demolition of Real Madrid, Ronaldo in an interview with BeIN Sports said: “All the players who left this summer made us stronger.
“Its no excuse, but players like Pepe, James, Morata made us stronger.
“The boys are the future, but they are young and it shows the experience.”
Ramos’ reply to the Ronaldos analysis wasn’t the best way to ease the tension between the teammates, but fortunately for Zidane and the Real Madrid players, both of them settled their differences with all their team-mates as witnesses.
According to Zidane “It doesn’t matter if they disagree once or twice. They’ve played together for a very long time, they’ve won many trophies together, and it’s understandable if they don’t always have the same views on things. These sort of things get settled inside the locker room, they spoke to each other and that’s it. There won’t be a problem between Cristiano and Ramos,” Zidane stated in today’s press conference.
“If you think there’s still something they have to talk about, you’re wrong. They talked about it and they’ll carry on with their lives. It’s a good thing for both of them to voice their thoughts, it means they’re both alive and well,” Zidane added.
Real Madrid’s French boss admitted that this will be a different derby, considering that neither side gets to it showing their best football.

“We’ve earned the same amount of points, neither team gets better or worse than the other, we just want to play good football and hope our game plan helps us win all the all the points,” the manager concluded.


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