The Ownership of Manchester City Football Club traces back to 1894, when Ardwick A.F.C. dissolved and were reformed as Manchester City Football Club. Over recent years, the ownership and finances of Manchester City Football Club have been tumultuous with various owners of contrasting fortunes much in line with their inconsistent trend on the pitch, and the club’s hierarchy maintain the club is in a period of significant transformation. But we are not here to about the history of owners of Man City. We are here to talk about the current owners.

Since August 4th 2008, the club has been owned by Sheikh Mansour, one of football’s wealthiest owners, with an estimated individual net worth of at least £17 billion with a family fortune of at least $1 trillion. Sheikh Mansour bought the club in 2008 for £210 million in a much publicised deal and has since accumulated annual losses of £535 million, excluding approximately £200 million on facility upgrades. However the value of the club has soared nearly five fold from £210 million in 2010 to £900 million in 2015 according to Forbes. Representing a realistic opportunity of profit on Mansour’s investment if he was to sell the club to a willing buyer.

The club’s most recent financial report in November 2015 showed a £10 million profit following the elimination of amortized transfer fees and a reduced salary bill which was incurred during the early years of Mansour’s investment – both of which allowed a £100 million net spending on transfers in summer 2015. In the 2014-15 season, the club were the second richest football club in England by revenue and overall are the sixth worldwide with a revenue of €463.5m according to Deloitte, and have been consistently in the Europe’s Top 20 since 2004.
Since the Robinho shock signing on the transfer deadline day in September 2008, the club have been branded “the richest club in the world” by the media and the Robinho signing heralded a new era of spending for the club with Sheikh Mansour willing to invest in the club off the pitch and on it by signing new players.

Having spent in approximately £320m on transfers from the arrival of Sheikh Mansour in September 2008 to September 2010 it was reported that owner Sheikh Mansour had earmarked £500m for transfers – regardless of any revenue during that two-year period. The report highlighted the club’s immense spending power, meaning as of September 2010 there was a surplus transfer budget of around £175m[8] after the transfer window of summer 2010. Since September 2010 up to September 2011, approximately a further £100m has been spent, which make pundits and people to think that they are the one the most generous buyers around .Once they are interested in a player then it’s a done deal.
He has improved the club financially.
Sheikh Mansour, is the kind of owner any club would wish for after turning Manchester City into a one of the biggest sports franchise in the world. Excluding financial fair play rule, almost every super star will be playing for Manchester City now because Sheikh Mansour is not scared to pay.


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