The debate as to who the better player is between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi has gone on for a long time now and Arsenal legend Thierry Henry had his say on the matter when he was interviewed by Rio Ferdinand. When Ferdinand asks him who the best player in the world is, Henry immediately replied Lionel Messi, although he said that he also respected Cristiano Ronaldo immensely.

Henry further explained that for Messi football comes naturally while Cristiano Ronaldo has become one of the greatest players through hard work and dedication making the Real Madrid superstar an ideal role model for young footballers
Henry added experiencing the joys of winning as well as the sorrow of losing with Messi has made him appreciate him more.
While Henry considers Messi the better player than Ronaldo, he said what both players are currently doing won’t be appreciated until their careers are over.
“People realize it, of course, but I feel like we still don’t grasp the real measure of what these two are doing,” he said. “In the future, people will look back in awe at the continuity, the goals and the pressure that comes along with doing this for so long.”


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